VENUS INVICTA debut single release 4th November

venus invicta single cover art

Venus Invicta is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar and her development into later images of Aphrodite and Venus. Ishtar (Inanna) is not only known as a goddess of love and beauty. Her darker aspects connected with power, war and destruction, can strike fear into the hearts of humans, gods and demons alike. 

Written in Cyprus and recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a historical building with natural acoustics, the song is an homage to ancient hymns; but it also depicts the continuous devastation of the Cradle of Civilization. 

The project members metaphorically refer to their style as “tamed insanity”, and this free and authentic nature defines the sound of the track. Desert blues-inspired guitars are framed with the dusty sound of a double bass. A dark tribal groove blends with elegant gothic sensuality in the vocals and lyrics. 

Preceding an EP release, Venus Invicta creates an anxious yet exquisitely romantic atmosphere. By combining the power of the past with modern sound techniques, it immerses the listener in a special space ‘beyond place and time’. 

The song will be introduced on online radio stations that stream dark, pagan and rock music. Bittersweet and poetic, Venus Invicta is released together with a short music video (reels) and will be supported with an atmospheric 3d lyric video.